Coming Soon! Lumia Cyan Update – Same Phone. New Experience!





While the Lumia Black update is rolling out, get to know some of the great new features that are coming with the Lumia Cyan update.



Starting in summer 2014, Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8 will get the Lumia Cyan update. It gives you great new Windows Phone 8.1 features like a more personal Start screen, Action Center and the Word Flow keyboard. At the same time, we’ll also bring several enhancements to your Nokia imaging apps – get ready to capture and share your life in exciting new ways.

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What to expect from Nokia/Microsoft Next Lumia Flagship


Here’s What to expect from Nokia’s/Microsof’s next Lumia Flagship

  • Nokia 3D Touch

    We’re told that owners will be able to interact with Goldfinger by making hand gestures above and to the side of the device. Gestures currently under consideration include scrolling and flipping to let Windows Phone 8.1 users navigate around a phone without touching the screen. Sources Claimed that 3D Touch will be more advanced than Air Gesture on Galaxy S4/Upcoming S5

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#Noreve – Nokia Lumia 830 case review. by @jimboireland #Nokia #Lumia #Review

Noreve is no stranger to us here and we have got their latest case custom made for our Lumia 830,The Lumia 830 is a nice phone available in several bright colours and of course protection is a must although some do like to feel their devices naked so to speak but i always prefer to have some form of protection especially when out and about,Noreve cases can be sometimes bulky but they offer great protection and a unique style especially if you are style conscious.

Image gallery of the Noreve case for the Nokia Lumia 830

  • Elegant case conceived in top quality handcrafted leather
  • – Hand-crafted manufacturing quality
  • – Slim and padded design
  • – Thermoplastic polymer inner structure with no EM interference
  • – Protects the device in an optimal manner
  • – All sides protective case
  • – Access to basic functions (multiple openings on the leather)
  • – Camera lens & flash…

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Nokia Lumia 830 – Unboxing,walkaround and Gallery By @jimboireland. #Lumia830 #Unboxing

Finally the Lumia 830 has arrived at techbuzz headquaters,better late than never and we generally stride to bring the devices as early as possible,we opted for the 735 ( see our review here ) at the time which has served us well and its a little gem of a phone and priced rather well even though its had an increase in price of late which is a shame..


Anyway lets take a look at the 830 first in our image gallery and step back the and enjoy the unboxing and walkaround of one of the last Nokia branded devices,there is also going to be an 830 in Gold and  which will be made in limited numbers so also keep this in mind.

Nokia Lumia 830 Gallery 

Unboxing of the Lumia 830.

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Linx 7 Tablet review. A budget tablet worth the money. by @jimboireland #Linx7 #Windows #Review

Ok so we are all pretty use to seeing plenty of Android tablets on the market and to be honest most of them if not all that fall under the €109 mark are piles of trash,the specs look good and that is as far as it goes,i have tried many budget tablets running one or another kind of version of Android but below that price is only going to be a headache.

Now we are beginning to see some new Windows tablets coming onto the market and thankfully they are not running on RT which is kind of annoying and basically has no real place in the market now.

So lets look at the outside then we will check out what’s inside and how it performs.

Build quality is quite good its solid and does not feel cheap even though its completely housed in a plastic it has some kind…

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Microsoft announce the Comfort Headset. by @jimobireland #Accessories #Microsoft

After todays announcement of the two new low end devices the 435 and the 532 a quiet announcement so to speak was learned,it was the introduction of a new headset called the Comfort Headset,Currently there is no price available on this headset but will be available to buy..


Unlike many other headsets, the earpieces match the shape of the human ear. They are designed to sit securely in the ear while maintaining maximum comfort – it’s a great fit for most people’s ears.

The earpieces direct sound deeper in the ear for minimum sound loss. Ergonomic design and a perfectly placed earpiece speaker create a super-comfortable, high-quality listening experience.


Pick the one that matches your personality. Add a bit of fun with bright orange, keep it neutral with white, or stay classy with black. Get outstanding sound quality and a color that looks great.

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Microsoft keeps it low end with the new Lumia 435 and 532. by @jimboireland #Lumia435 #Lumia532

Microsoft have today announced some new devices to the world which is the next products after the Lumia 535 which was their first outing on a device last year which yet has to see many countries,the new devices are called the Lumia 435 which comes also in a dual sim and the Lumia 532 which again can be got in a dual sim.Not the best news for fans waiting on a high end device but that should come in September as we heard last.

Lets look at the Lumia 435 first.


The Lumia 435 comes with the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1 and the Lumia Denim update, offering exciting features such as Live Folders, Apps Corner and Cortana (in select markets). The ever-expanding Windows Phone Store and wide range of apps help you accomplish more and stay up-to-date And of course we have Mix Radio on board.

Powered by…

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