What to expect from Nokia/Microsoft Next Lumia Flagship


Here’s What to expect from Nokia’s/Microsof’s next Lumia Flagship

  • Nokia 3D Touch

    We’re told that owners will be able to interact with Goldfinger by making hand gestures above and to the side of the device. Gestures currently under consideration include scrolling and flipping to let Windows Phone 8.1 users navigate around a phone without touching the screen. Sources Claimed that 3D Touch will be more advanced than Air Gesture on Galaxy S4/Upcoming S5

  •  The all new Lytro Camera. The Lumia Golden finger expected to have the all new PureView Lytro Camera from Pelican Imaging and Combine them with ZEISS Optics
  • Windows Phone 8.1 The Lumia Goldenfinger is the next Windows Phone flagship and it will be the first device  running on Windows Phone 8.1 which bring more cool features,Improvements and bug fixes on Windows Phone Platform
  • Snapdragon 805 Processor and New Adreno GPU. The Lumia Goldenfinger might be the first Windows Phone that features Snapdragon 805 which provides better imaging experience, better performance,”desktop class” experience                                    
  • 2K Display. Since Microsoft/Nokia needs to get better in marketing they will put 2K Display along with new Screen technology improvements like Improved Clearblack, Improved Super Sensitive Touch, Improved PureMotion to make upcoming Lumia Flagship is the best mobile display you ever seen
  • 5-5.3 Inch Screen size to make it more pocketable and ideal for mass market not niche like Lumia 1520
  • 32/64/128 GB Storage with 64GB Micro SD Card Compability
  • Improved Music,Video Recording , and Audio Experience with 4K Ultra HD Recording, Improved HAAC Mics and Improved OIS to make it more blur free videos or photos
  • Will be available on 5 US carriers to boost Windows Phone marketshare in US. and might be no more carriers exclusivity at other places
  • All new Design. We expected that the Lumia Goldenfinger will have all new Design which more premium, more durable, more elegant, more futuristic and more better looking
  • Integrated with Nokia/Microsoft smartwatch and Nokia Treasure Tag


So thats our expectation on Lumia Goldenfinger for now. We will update this post if we found interesting things to add

And what do you think about our expectations? Let us know by commenting below, you can also add more interesting things 🙂


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