Coming Soon! Lumia Cyan Update – Same Phone. New Experience!





While the Lumia Black update is rolling out, get to know some of the great new features that are coming with the Lumia Cyan update.



Starting in summer 2014, Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8 will get the Lumia Cyan update. It gives you great new Windows Phone 8.1 features like a more personal Start screen, Action Center and the Word Flow keyboard. At the same time, we’ll also bring several enhancements to your Nokia imaging apps – get ready to capture and share your life in exciting new ways.

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Contest: “Show Your Love with a Sendtiment Card” and Win a Surface RT


Sendtiment, a fun app that allows you to easily share a thoughtful card to someone via your phone is running a contest for this entire week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Want to win a Surface RT with a red type cover, you’re in the right place then! Read the Press Release below for full details and good luck! 🙂

Press Release

Show Your Love with a Sendtiment Card Contest

Grand Prize: One (1) Microsoft Surface RT with red Touch Cover

Toronto, Canada February 10, 2014:  Sendtiment, makers of the Sendtiment Cards app for Windows Phone, the only app to with over 400 personalized cards, notes, and invitations, today announced the launch of a contest to celebrate Valentine’s Day on their Facebook Page. Fans are invited to share their favorite Valentine’s Day card in the Sendtiment Cards app and a draw will be held on Friday February 14, 2014 to randomly choose the winner of a Microsoft Surface RT w/Touch Cover (red).

Sendtiment’s “Show Your Love with a Sendtiment Card Contest” will take place from February 10, 2014 at 8AM EST through February 14, 2014 at 10PM EST. To enter, participants must “Like” Sendtiment’s Facebook Page (, and then:

  • Visit the contest page (
  • Enter by uploading a Valentines Card from the Sendtiment Cards app
  • Click “Submit”

Each participant may submit only one contest entry. Winners will be determined in a random draw on or around February 15, 2014 at noon EST. The Contest is open to legal residents of their respective countries where not prohibited by law, who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Any attempts to enter multiple times may result in automatic disqualification of all entries from the contest.


Sendtiment is the realization of a vision of a world where sending a card is as easy as sending a text message. Sendtiment is the first Windows Phone 8 application that allows you to email, text, Facebook, Tweet and Instagram personalized cards, notes, invitations and announcements from your phone. Sendtiment is preloaded with over 400 unique and modern cards thoughtfully designed to suit your every need. Sendtiment is a privately-held company based in Toronto, Canada. To learn more, visit Sendtiment’s website ( .


To download Sendtiment simply click here

or scan the code below:

Sendtiment LogoContestQRCode

How-To-Do: Make TileMe! Nation #WinPhan Collages


Doing TileMe! Nation collages from the People Hub on my Windows Phone has become a fun and unique WinPhan project for me. Based on the feedback and questions, I thought I’d share how it’s done! With a little bit of effort and time you’ll be creating your own unique collages too!

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Lumia 900 Cameo in Allstate TV Ad


Now I’m not sure if someone already wrote about this and it just slipped past me or if it’s managed to go unnoticed in general. Our beloved Windows Phone is on TV again! This time the Lumia 900 is featured alongside a HTC One in a TV ad for Allstate Insurance. The ad coincidentally, is named “App For That”. Read past the break to see the commercial. Continue reading

25 Days: Making It Count


Our Windows Phone and WinPhan communities are bigger and stronger than ever. I think it’s safe to say that most Windows Phone communities are feeling the same surge of energy and growth in numbers as Windows Phone continues to increase its market share across the globe. Does this mean WinPhan’s and Windows Phone owners are done promoting? Absolutely NOT! In fact, I believe now we are more pivotal than ever! I’m supporting WinPhan Greg Chamblin in his campaign to help Windows Phone and I am asking that you take 5 minutes to do the same! As individuals we can wish for change, but as a community…WE WILL MAKE CHANGE!

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Why BlackBerry 9720 Cant Attract entry level/mid end #WindowsPhone Device?


So here’s why BlackBerry Cant attract Windows Phone users

  1. BlackBerry said BlackBerry 7 (or older) Can’t updated to BlackBerry 10
  2. The BlackBerry 9720 specs are very similar like Lumia 610
  3. So many BlackBerry 10 Apps cant be downloaded on BlackBerry 7 or Older
  4. The price are almost the same as Lumia 620/720
  5. Low resolution screen
  6. No sunlight readibility
  7. No Dolby Technology which 620 and 720 have
  8. Thicker than 620,625 and 720
  9. BlackBerry said they will abandon BB7 soon and totally focused on BB10

So thats why BlackBerry cant attract entry/mid end Windows Phone or even Android users 

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Nokia the Most Trusted Brand AGAIN!!!!



Today we reported that Nokia Corp is the Most Trusted company exclipsing Samsung and Sony far behind Nokia,Nokia sales reportedly jumps and people starts to believe Nokia than any other brands,its a good news for Nokia and i am hoping Nokia to continue its mind blowing innovations and blow all competitors out from waters,i just hoping in 25th february nokia will come out with mindblowing technology like what they did when Nokia 808 PureView launched near 1 year ago we cant wait for something new,Nokia

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