Coming Soon! Lumia Cyan Update – Same Phone. New Experience!





While the Lumia Black update is rolling out, get to know some of the great new features that are coming with the Lumia Cyan update.



Starting in summer 2014, Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8 will get the Lumia Cyan update. It gives you great new Windows Phone 8.1 features like a more personal Start screen, Action Center and the Word Flow keyboard. At the same time, we’ll also bring several enhancements to your Nokia imaging apps – get ready to capture and share your life in exciting new ways.

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Infographic : why you should buy Nokia Lumia 630

Conversations blog released Infographic to explain why you should choose Lumia 630 over some other device in that price range.


Lumia 630 is already available in several markets, coming soon to many others. You can check specifications here.

Nokia Lumia 630/635 vs Lumia 525


Lets Compare the new Lumia 630/635 vs Lumia 525!

Why Nokia Lumia 630/635 Better than Lumia 525

  1. Larger Display (4.5 Inch vs 4 Inch)
  2. Clearblack Display for great Sunlight Visibility
  3. Quad Core Processor
  4. Slimmer/Thinner (0.92 cm vs 0.99 cm)
  5. Gorilla Glass 3 Screen Protection
  6. Comes with Dual SIM Variant (630 Dual SIM)
  7. 4G LTE Support (635)
  8. Windows Phone 8.1 / Lumia Cyan pre installed
  9. Bigger Battery (1830 mAh vs 1450 mAh)

Why Nokia Lumia 525 Better than Lumia 630/635

  1. 1 GB RAM
  2. More Apps/Games Compabilty
  3. Slightly Sharper Screen
  4. Super Sensitive Touch 
  5. Camera Button

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How-To-Do: Make TileMe! Nation #WinPhan Collages


Doing TileMe! Nation collages from the People Hub on my Windows Phone has become a fun and unique WinPhan project for me. Based on the feedback and questions, I thought I’d share how it’s done! With a little bit of effort and time you’ll be creating your own unique collages too!

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Lumia 900 Cameo in Allstate TV Ad


Now I’m not sure if someone already wrote about this and it just slipped past me or if it’s managed to go unnoticed in general. Our beloved Windows Phone is on TV again! This time the Lumia 900 is featured alongside a HTC One in a TV ad for Allstate Insurance. The ad coincidentally, is named “App For That”. Read past the break to see the commercial. Continue reading

25 Days: Making It Count


Our Windows Phone and WinPhan communities are bigger and stronger than ever. I think it’s safe to say that most Windows Phone communities are feeling the same surge of energy and growth in numbers as Windows Phone continues to increase its market share across the globe. Does this mean WinPhan’s and Windows Phone owners are done promoting? Absolutely NOT! In fact, I believe now we are more pivotal than ever! I’m supporting WinPhan Greg Chamblin in his campaign to help Windows Phone and I am asking that you take 5 minutes to do the same! As individuals we can wish for change, but as a community…WE WILL MAKE CHANGE!

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Nokia Lumia 1020 Heading to Verizon with Red Version too?




A new report claimed that Nokia Lumia 1020 coming to verizon with the red colour version (red colour will be available on AT&T Too) actually i ever heard this kind of rumors on NPU but he said hes not an NPU Anonymous source,he claimed as an insider from Nokia


Red 1020 For AT&T

Red 1020 For AT&T


We ever see red 1020 in mass production before Lumia 1020 announcements,probably Nokia wants to create a lot of red 1020 so when red 1020 hit those carriers Nokia can selling a lot of 1020 without any supply issue

The source said the Lumia 1020 will start selling on Verizon before the Phablet/Lumia 1520

It looks like Nokia wants people/consumers to choose an mindblowing camera phone or mind blowing specifications,large screen,and higher resolution screen


Thats the leaked red Lumia 1020 in mass production

He said the 1020 for verizon probably running Bittersweet Shimmer/GDR3 out the box but still not carrying 1080p screen and it have smae specs like Lumia 1020 Global and AT&T

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We cant guarantee all these info are 100% correct but we hope this reports are real so Verizon consumers can experience how good is Lumia 1020

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