Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor HD10 review. by @jimboireland #HD10 #ScreenSharing

We have had our HD-10 unit a couple of weeks now and we can share our honest thoughts on the latest accessory from Microsoft.

First of all we will show you how to set it up which takes no time at all,for those who are used to NFC will breeze through the set up process.To start with you will need a standard USB plug and a HDMI cable,this however does not come supplied with the package and they are not that expensive to buy these days.


So next of all plug in both the HDMI cable and then the USB plug which powers the unit,then next you connect the HDMI to your TV and next then plug in at power source,then select your channel on TV and you will see your initial setup screen,to ensure the device is has power you should see a red led on the front of…

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Microsoft announces Internet- ready Entry-level Phone Nokia 215 by @Tiwaash #Microsoft #Nokia

Recently Microsoft has been working on increasing its the market share in the budget segment and we saw Nokia 130 & Microsoft Lumia535 as a result of this strategy. Today Microsoft has added a new entry-level device to it’s like up, the Nokia 215 & Nokia 215 Dual-SIM, most affordable internet-ready entry-level phone yet.


The Nokia 215 and Nokia 215 Dual-SIMDual-SIM are targeted towards the first time mobile phone users, with good smooth looks and great build quality, which will surely remind us of Nokia. These will be launched in three vibrant colours – Green, Black and White.

Being a true Internet- ready device, Nokia 215 & Nokia 215 Dual-SIM comes pre-installed with Facebook and Messenger with instant notifications keeping you connected with friends and family while you’ll be able to check your friends’ news feeds and update your status. These devices also have Opera Mini Browser and Bing Search installed letting you…

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Introduction to The Microsoft Lumia 535,can it be a success? #Microsoft #Lumia535 by @jimboireland

Today we learned what most already knew what was coming,yes Microsoft released its Lumia 535 to the world following in the line current Nokia Lumia design and  colours with a nice new Blue thrown in for good measure,one thing i always liked was the colours of the Lumia devices,they stood out from the normal boring grey and blacks which we are all custom too,but for Ireland we still even today tend be stuck with the boring colours,example been even with the Lumia 830 its only available here in Black.. but thats Ireland…

Lets have a look at the introduction to the 535 first..

Ok it has all we need for the average user and more and plenty for new markets where more modern handsets are not so common,this device has Cortana but Cortana is still not available worldwide,Cortana has been a unique selling point albiet with it pre installed on…

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