Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 !!!

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

Today we start comparing the powerful Nokia Lumia 920 to the iPhone 5

#1 The design and durability,The Nokia Lumia 920 looks more stylish and fresh design compared to the iphone who just own rounded corners makig it boring,and iPhone 5 looks very ugly and cheap on the white colors,Nokia Lumia 920 comes with colorful design unlike iphone 5 who just only have black and white,Lumia 920 is thicker and heavier but i think its more comfortable to use it than using iphone 5 its too thin, and too lighter,and i more iPhone 5 needs a very thick protector to make it save unlike Lumia 920 its very strong and very durable.On iPhone 5 you will get scratch or shattered easily thats make iphone 5 have a low durability and quality

Winner:Nokia Lumia920

#2 Screen,the Lumia 920 comes with PureMotion HD+ Screen and Clearblack display it so crisp and easy to look at the screen even on the direct sunlight meanwhile on iPhone 5 you cant see the difference between it been turned on or not,iPhone 5 comes with the retina display but it just got 326 ppi meanwhile Nokia Lumia 920 have 332 ppi screen

Winner:Nokia Lumia 920

#3 Apps Apple Apps Store has been reached near 1 million apps meanwhile on the Nokia Lumia/Windows Phone just got 160000 of apps but the WP Store is very fast growing its faster than android now BUT Dont worry in windows phone store you can find many high quality apps,its sleeker,faster,and worth for the money

Winner:iPhone 5 

#4 Camera,iPhone 5 comes with the iSight camera which is produce worst

quality picture unlike the nokia Lumia 920,Nokia Lumia 920 Have a PureView technoly its perfect for getting low light shots,and Nokia Lumia 920 is the first smartphone carries OIS Technology while iphone cant do it so lame and not innovative and iphone only have ipurple technology which can make your photos very blurry and ugly
#5 Maps,the iOS maps is the worlds ugliest maps I’ve seen its making people got lost,died,or anything but that’s not happen if you got Nokia Lumia 920 it have the worlds best maps out there,its very detail,clear,and easy to use,it can’t make you lost like iLost maps on the iPhone 5 and don’t forget there’s city lens so you can know what’s the nearest store,building,cafe or etc,there’s nokia parking too it can help you for parking your vehicle
Winner: Nokia Lumia 920

#6 OS,the iOS 6 on the iPhone is very boring,old style,and nothing new at the ui,but that’s will not happen if you have Windows Phone 8 its very different than iOS its much faster,sleeker,simpler and easy to use,unlike iphone its hard to use for non techy/geek people,you can also know what’s new on the livetiles on wp8 its very quick notifications and makes you know what’s newest and more
Winner:Nokia Lumia 920

#7 Storage on the Nokia Lumia 920 and the iPhone 5 don’t have a micro sd card slot but I think that’s all right,Nokia Lumia 920 have 32GB storage meanwhile on iPhone 5 have 16/32/64 GB
Winner: Tie

Conclusion: Nokia Lumia 920 is more worth for the money than iPhone 5 it has better durability,better design,colorful and so much better,Nokia Lumia 920 have a wireless charging and NFC while iPhone5 can’t do that,it also have bluetooth sharing and more both have 4G and it have better screen and bigger so you will love Lumia 920 easily 🙂
Its time to #switch
By @NokiaPureView
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5 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 !!!

  1. Nice Comparision……u didnt mention the lumia has bigger screen…….and by d way wat phone is showing on the backdrop of ur webpage..??

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