Unboxing – Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM


Dear readers due to some technical issues we weren’t able to post recently but now we are back with unboxing of this stylish affordable great value for money device, which falls in the budget segment but is a powerhouse in itself. It is one of the very popular devices in the market as it was the first too run official Lumia Cyan and the price point for such an able device.


I’m a huge fan of the minimalist and eco friendly recyclable package from Nokia recently. They are stylish, compact and capable enough to perform the task they are meant for and this guy is no exception.


The package is compact, handily, beautiful yet informative. This packing is square and with glossy finish against those boxy rough packaging which we are familiar with the earlier Lumias. The sides and bottom are informative giving basic necessary information and content.


The box is “slide to open” styled with a unique indication of the color of the device. The package bears a dot of the same color as the device inside next to the Nokia Lumia 630 badging. This packing looks premium and is a welcome change.


The content of the package is minimum restricted to the basic essentials, Phone with Battery, Charger & Getting Started Guide. Though I feel a headphone and USB cum charger would have been a welcome addition.

You can watch the video here

Hope you like this unboxing post, the first from me. Please leave us a comment below or tweet us using #ThisIsNokia with queries or suggestions.

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