Happy Birthday Lumia 1020!




Today is Nokia Lumia 1020 First Anniversary!

Exactly one year ago Lumia 1020 Announced in New York by Stephen Elop, Juha Alakarhu, and Kristina Bjorknas. It was an amazing day for Nokia and Microsoft to show off their innovations at mobile photography/imaging. Nokia/Microsoft also provides new imaging experience like Nokia Pro Camera (now called Nokia Camera). Lumia 1020 also gets RAW Support after Lumia Black Update last year.

Here’s what Juha Alakarhu and Eero Salmelin said about the megapixels on Nokia Conversations Ask Me Anything Session

From thewphub.de: “While 21 or even 41-megapixels in a smartphone sounds impressive, how much does this actually say about the quality of the pictures?”

Eero: “The megapixel number itself isn’t what makes the better picture, it’s a combination of things. Even just adding optical image stabilisation (OIS) can dramatically improve the image quality.”

Juha: “One of the key things that makes our high resolution cameras better is oversampling. By capturing more pixels and effectively overlaying them, we can create pure, natural images. In fact, we’ve written a scientific paperdetailing how that works.

It’s not about the pixels, but the clever way you use them.”


Nokia Camera Grip for Lumia 1020


Nokia Camera (Formerly Called Nokia Pro Camera)


Lumia 1020 ZEISS Lens


I cant wait to see the Lumia 1020 Successor and i believe many people too, they hope the Lumia 1020 successor will have much better quality image, faster performance especially when capturing images, better battery life and more.

What about you? What do you want to see on Lumia 1020 Successor? Let us know by commenting below 😀


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