Nokia Contests This Week

The best thing about Nokia is that, they don’t only sell awesome devices but they keep their customers busy too by organising amazing Photography Contests on social network.
It’s very easy to participate in these awesome creative competitions for winning awesome Nokia stuffs.
This week things are very interesting, read ahead to know the competitions



Every week @Connects on Twitter hosts this competition, all you have to do is, follow @Connects on Twitter, click the photo of the week’s theme with your Nokia  device and tag them #ConnectsComp and share them on Twitter. Multiple entries are allowed and stand chance to win Coloud Headphones & Nokia Music Vouchers. This week’s theme is Tiny Planets, you can take the help of Tiny Planets PRO app in the WindowsPhone Store.



The next contest live is hosted by @nokiauk on Instagram, click a pic using Lumia based on the theme and share it on Instagram tagging it as #ShotOnMyLumia and win exclusive Lumia Badges and chance to get your photo regram by them.
This week’s theme being animals, though you are allowed to share photos of insects to. Remember to follow @nokiauk.




This contest is the biggest and the longest hosted by @Connects on Twitter. This is a month long contest where you can submit multiple entries tagging them with #LumiaMacro for this month as Macro shots are the theme for this month. All you have to do is, follow @Connects on all social network and share shots using your Lumia.

All the best for entering in the contests. Do share if you know any other Nokia Contests happening & also if you win any contests, with us. I hope this was informative.

Good luck Happy Snapping and sharing.


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