Why Choose Lumia?

As I sat thinking on what should be my first ever blog article, there were many topics which came up in my mind and also through suggestions, but I wanted my first article to be a dedication to the best series of smartphones yet on this planet which I’m in love with since the announcement of very first device and then I thought why not answer this important question “Why Choose Lumia?” (mind you, it’s a million dollar question).

We all tend to check out reviews, read about the devices, try getting every information possible before we invest in a device because we expect the chosen one to be the best (at least in the respective segment). We have read articles on “Trip and Tricks”, “Comparisons”, “Reviews” but hardly come across on such a topic. So have some patience and be with me to know why is Lumia so popular and why it is the most desirable series of smartphones in the market.


Comes from Nokia (Now Microsoft Mobile)

Nokia, the oldest player in the mobile phone industry. Once the unprecedented leader in mobile phone market had established its foot so firmly that it was synonymous to the whole industry. People in most part of the world would have had Nokia as their first mobile phone. Nokia has many of the patents of the industry under its name. Nokia has a legacy in this industry. Nokia had always pushed something new in the market and changed the competition over decades and this range of smartphones (Lumia) come from this legendry OEM manufacturer, so its obvious that Lumia devices are built with tons of experience  and great technical team behind its evolution. Recently Microsoft has acquired the devices and services sections of Nokia, so this means Lumias are going to get some special attention to add up to the exclusivity in the Windosphone environment. This does make Lumia the most wanted device in the market.


Excellent Build Quality

Lumias have an excellent build quality. These devices are built with high quality material keeping the minute details in mind. Lumias are beautiful looking robust devices. The mere touch of these devices would instantly remind you of great quality. There have been reports lately that, a Lumia 520 (entry level device) deflected a bullet and saved a cop’s life and had only a broken screen. Another incident which I can recall is of a Lumia  820, which was in a pond underwater for 6 months and  worked perfectly when it was recovered. These incidents do tell us about how well built these Lumias are, irrespective of the price tag.


Greatly Designed Devices

The device one uses, becomes part of their life, it should portray the personality of the individual and hence, evolved the great Lumias. Every Lumia is given special care and time to design, to make it distinct yet attractive from the other. The designing team has done a great job making such gorgeous looking devices. Every Lumia is different in looks from the other. Right from different outlooks of the devices, there are wide range of colors available to choose from too, right from classy white to tangy orange to the funky yellow and so on, breaking the stereotype. You are free to choose the right design in the right color and the right size suiting your taste. Lumias provide you with plethora of options.


One for Everyone

My phone should be the one, which I can be proud of and which has all the features I look for in a device before I invest. The best thing Nokia did was, made a Lumia for everyone. From sizes to budget, everything was kept in mind right from the first generation of Lumias till date. Lumia is available from 4 inch screen size to 10.1 inch, its up to you to decide which one will you pick. All the Lumias currently available are great smartphones as far as functionalities are concerned. Well, if you are looking for a powerful, budget, pocket and finger friendly device, go for Lumia 520/525 if you don’t mind the size and need a powerhouse get the Lumia 930/1520. Every Lumia offers at least 3 or more color options to choose from. You want a DSLR in your jeans pocket, choose the Lumia 1020. The choice is yours.


The Most Personal

We have seen that as far as the outlook is concerned, Lumias provide us with huge options of hardware making it personal to the individual, but howwell does it fare inside? Don’t worry, on the inside Lumia is even more personal. Lumias run Windowsphone 8/ 8.1 which is the most personal OS ever made offering you to personalize every minutes of details of your phone to match up with your taste. Therefore, Lumias are the most personal smartphones in and out.


Nokia Exclusive Apps

Every Lumia is eligible for the exclusive Nokia only apps and services, providing  Lumia and edge over the competitors in the Windowsphone environment. Nokia pushes its exclusive features and updates to improve the experience of the users and make the interface more friendly and personal. These apps make the Lumia more powerful and desirable providing the users the exclusivity in the environment.


Great Shooter

These days everyone looks for a good quality camera in their phone, either to capture some unplanned special moments or selfies or some accidental spectacles either to keep for themselves or share with friends and family on social networks because it is not always possible to carry a bulky camera all the time. Well in that case, you should blindly choose a Lumia. Every Lumia is a great shooter and also provides you the ability to tweek the manual settings to snap the moment as desired. The higher end Lumias come with Carl Zeiss optics and PureView imaging algorithm (exclusive to Nokia again) which produce high quality images at higher resolutions and great night shots with minimal noise and sharper photos even in low lit areas. A Lumia is capable of brining out the hidden photographer in ever proud owner and on a personal note I cannot deny it. Lumias produce great outcomes that could easily be compared to outputs from DSLRs. This is one major reason for the success and popularity of Lumia Devices.


The All-in-One Device

I guess all these while I have given you a lot of reasons for choosing Lumia but had I given this reason at the beginning, I would not have had anything else to share with you all. A Lumia is an all-in-one device. It is a phone, a personal assistant, a camera, a GPS (offers offline GPS), office on the go, an organizer, a gaming console and so on. You name anything, Lumia can certainly help you out with it. These make Lumia desirable.


 I hope I’ve answered the question which I had raised at the very beginning. This whole article is based on my personal experience with my Lumia928, Lumia 1320 & Lumia 520. Lumia is a device everyone would fall in love with at the very first touch. The awesome build quality, the smooth and well optimized OS, the amamzing camera, the great display everything about it would make you fall in love with it.



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