Why Lumia 630/635 Better Than Samsung Galaxy Ace 4



Here’s why the new Lumia 630/635 Better than Samsung Galaxy ACE 4

  1. 8GB Internal Storage (vs 4GB)
  2. 128GB Micro SD Card Support (vs 64GB)
  3. Clearblack Display for better sunlight readibility
  4. 1830 mAh battery (vs 1500 mAh battery)
  5. Quad Core Snapdragon 400 1.2Ghz (vs Unknown Low End Processor)
  6. Slimmer 9.2mm vs 10.8mm)
  7. High Quality Design and Material
  8. Better Camera
  9. More Color Options
  10. Better Navigations App powered by Nokia HERE
  11. Continuous Auto Focus
  12. Unique and Exclusive Nokia and Microsoft Services like Sensorcore, Nokia Camera, Cinemagraph, Story Teller, and more
  13. Dual SIM Version
  14. Adreno 305 GPU
  15. Gorilla Glass 3 Protection

So thats why Lumia 630 is a better choice than Samsung Galaxy Ace 4. Share your opinions by commenting below 😀


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