Nokia X2 vs Lumia 630

1_nokia-lumia-630-hero_story nokia-x2-03_story


Lets Compare the Lumia 630 vs the new Nokia X2!

Lumia 630 over Nokia X2

  • Snapdragon 400 1.2 gHz Quad Core (vs Snapdragon 200 1.2 gHz Dual Core)
  • Better GPU (Adreno 305 vs 302)
  • Gorilla Glass 3 Protection
  • Faster and Smoother Experience
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan
  • More Complete Nokia+Microsoft Services and Experiences
  • Slimmer (9.2 mm vs 11.1mm)
  • Lighter (134g vs 150g)
  • Slightly Sharper Screen (221 ppi vs 217ppI)
  • 128GB Micro SD Card Support (vs 32GB Micro SD Card Support)
  • Cortana the best and the most personal digital assistant
  • Single and Dual SIM version (vs Dual SIM only)
  • 2X Bigger Internal Storage (8GB vs 4GB)
  • 4G LTE (635)
  • Larger Camera Aperture ( f2.4 vs f2.7)
  • Greater Imaging Experience with Lumia Exclusive Photography Apps by Microsoft Mobile

Nokia X2 over Lumia 630

  • Android Apps (via Nokia Store)
  • LED Flash
  • Front Camera
  • 1GB RAM (vs 512MB RAM)
  • Cheaper (Around US$ 135 vs US$162)

So which one do you choose? Let us know by commenting below 🙂



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