Why Lumia 520 better than Motorola Moto E




Here’s why Lumia 520 better than the new Motorola Moto E!

  1. Slimmer  (12.3mm vs 9.9mm) and Lighter (142g on Moto E vs 124G on 520)
  2. Faster Performance
  3. Better GPU (Adreno 302 on Moto E vs Adreno 305 on Lumia 520)
  4. 2x More Internal Storage (4GB on Moto E vs 8GB on Lumia 520)
  5. Better Camera thanks to Nokia Camera App
  6. Unique Nokia Camera Apps
  7. Fully Integrated Locations services with HERE Maps
  8. Supersensitive Touch
  9. Nokia MIX Radio
  10. Better Design
  11. More Color Options
  12. Larger Micro SD Card Support (32GB on Moto E and 64GB on Lumia 520)
  13. Camera Button

So what do you think? Let us know by commenting below 🙂


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