Why Nokia LUMIA 1520 better than Samsung Galaxy S5



Here’s why Nokia Lumia 1520 better than Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Great Visibility on any light conditions thanks to Nokia Clearblack Display Technology
  2. Assertive Display
  3. Quad (4) HAAC Mics
  4. 20 MP PureView Camera 
  5. Optical Image Stabilization^2
  6. Larger Screen (6 Inch vs 5.1 Inch)
  7. Professional Camera Settings with Nokia Camera
  8. Better Design and Durability
  9. Impressive HERE Locations Services that makes you never get lost again
  10. Unique Nokia Camera Apps like Spaceselfie, Refocus, Camera, Cinemagraph, Creative Studio, StoryTeller and more
  11. Much better battery life
  12. Premium Material
  13. Better Gaming Experience (According to Gaming Benchmark)
  14. Faster and Smoother Peformance thanks to Windows Phone 8
  15. Better and More Personal Digital Assistant with Cortana (After updating to Windows Phone 8.1/Lumia Cyan)
  16. Oversampling Technology
  17. RAW Imaging Support
  18. Perfect for business
  19. Built in Wireless Charging

So thats why Nokia Lumia 1520 better than Samsung Galaxy S5 .

What do you think? Let us know by commenting below 😀


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