More Details about Internet Explorer 11 on Windows Phone 8.1

Ahead BUILD 2014 Conference let’s discuss about Internet Explorer 11 on Windows Phone 8.1 by Nawzil Najeeb a beta tester for Microsoft 😀

Feature 2: Internet Explorer 11

The one app that I use the most on my Windows Phone is Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is the best browser on Windows Phone, there is no doubt about that. And it gets even better on Windows Phone 8.1
Internet Explorer 11 on Windows Phone 8.1 has a lots of new features and improvements when compared to Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone 8. I am just going to discuss about few of my favorite new features.

1. Unlimited Tabs
The most annoying thing in IE10 on WP8 is the 6 tabs limit. This can be considered as my most hated thing in the mobile OS I love the most. When I have 6 tabs open and I open another one by tapping on “open in new tab” the first tab automatically gets closed. Then I have to do a treasure hunt in the Recent list to find that closed tab.
All this issues are finally getting fixed in IE11 on WP8.1 as there is no limit of tabs. So we can open as many tabs as we want.

2. Tabs Syncing
I love this feature. When I open a website/tab on IE11 on WP8.1 and open IE 11 on Windows 8.1 on PC I can see all the open tabs from the phone in the PC too. And when I am reading a long blog post on the PC and I have to go out, I can open that same tab on my phone and continue to read on the phone instead of searching for that blog again. If I have more than one phone or PC, the tabs will be synced among them too.
We must be signed into the PC with the same Microsoft account to take advantage of this feature, and this works on the Modern IE 11 on Windows 8.1 only not the Desktop version.

3. InPrivate Browsing
Well, I think I don’t have to explain what this feature is but here is the official description of the feature:
“InPrivate Browsing helps prevent Internet Explorer from storing data about your browsing session. This includes cookies, temporary Internet files, history and other data.”
Another use for me with this feature is that on WP8 I was using UC Browser as a secondary browser when I want to open 2 Facebook accounts at the same time, but now on WP8.1 I can use another Facebook account in the InPrivate tab.

4. File Download
In WP8 we could only Open files, but on WP8.1 we can actually Save those files to the phone.

5. More Bug Fixes, More Stable, and More Faster than before.

These are some of my favorite features in IE11 on WP8.1 but it has many other features and improvements.

PS: I am posting this from Internet Explorer 11 on Windows Phone 8.1 What do you think of these features? Do you like them? What other features in IE 11 do you like?

Let us know by commenting below 😀


One thought on “More Details about Internet Explorer 11 on Windows Phone 8.1

  1. It’s good to hear that there is IE11 which is way better than the original one with lots of new features and cool performance. Keep the excellent work all around and i hope in the near future that WP will have tons of new features and design against other OS’s.

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