More Details about Moving Apps to SD Card on Windows Phone 8.1!



Nawzil Najeeb a former Microsoft employee and beta tester for Microsoft give us more details about Moving Apps to Micro SD Card feature on Windows Phone 8.1 . Here’s what he said:

Feature 1: Ability to install apps on SD Card.

In Windows Phone 8.1 we will be able to install an app to SD Card instead of Phone Memory if the developer of that app allows it to be installed on SD Card. The developer of an app can disable this feature when developing an app so that app can only be installed on Phone Memory.

One concern that many people have about this feature is that this might lead to piracy. But Microsoft has already thought about that too.

Once you install an app on the SD Card on your phone, it will work on that phone only. If you remove the SD Card from that phone, the app’s name will be there in the apps list and/or Start screen, but it will be grayed out and you can’t open them unless you insert the SD Card again.

But if you insert that SD Card with apps installed on it in another phone, they will not work. The apps on the SD Card will only work on one phone that you first installed the app on.

You will be able to move apps from Phone Memory to SD Card and from SD Card to Phone Memory.

What do you think of this feature? This is one of my favorite features in WP 8.1, I need to buy a 16 GB SD Card soon, now I have an 8 GB SD Card which is almost full.


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