Nokia Lumia 630/635 Leaked!

Nokia Lumia 630/635 Leaked!

Look! Evleaks just posted new Nokia Lumia 630/635 aka Moneypenny Picture.

According to leaked picture above, The Nokia Lumia 630 design looks same as Nokia Lumia 620 without capacitive button, camera button, no front camera and no LED Flash.

I dont know why Nokia removed LED Flash and Front Camera on the Lumia 630/635 meanwhile the predecessor the Lumia 620 have LED Flash and Front Camera! I am afraid this will affect the sales since people really wants LED Flash and Front Camera especially on mid range device.

According to previous rumors the Lumia 630/635 will have 4.5 Inch display, 480X800 Display (I think Nokia should use 720p to compete with other Android mid range device!), 1GB RAM, 5MP Camera, Snapdragon 400 Dual/Quad Core, and first Windows Phone with on screen buttons.


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