Review: Nokia LUMIA 525 More Power. More Style. More Fun at Affordable Price!



What happened when the most bestselling Windows Phone just got better? Introducing the Nokia Lumia 525, an upgraded version of the same Lumia, Lumia 520. Lets give this this sweet looking Lumia a review treatment. Lets get started.


Nokia packaging design can be said to have the same looking design across all phone. Comes with the standard blue box with the phone illustration of all the variety of colours illustrated on the box. Have a look inside the box, we will find the phone on properly fitted on the top side of the compartment. Looking further inside, Nokia generously included the USB cable, manuals and instructions documentations, charger and a standard coloured earphone.


The Lumia 525 supports 3G connectivity but no 4G connectivity presented here, to use this phone a Micro-SIM is needed. The dimension of this phone is as same as the Lumia 520, every aspect of it feels the same as the 520. As for the display, an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen is being use to good in this Lumia phone. Same with the Lumia 520, a 4” 480 x 800 pixels is also presented on the Lumia 525. Sadly no gorilla glass protection on this Lumia, though a scratch resistance glass or even a Nokia clearblack displaey is used and for safety precautions, please use a screen protector. 5 megapixel camera, variety of coloured covers and basically everything is as the same as the Lumia 520, but one major upgrade for the Lumia 525 over the 520 is the RAM. The Lumia 520 as we all know has some restriction for some apps, but with 1 GB of ram on the 525, this removes all the well-known restriction on the app, so with the Lumia 525, you can basically download all apps from the store without any problems. The same design language is being used for the Lumia 525 too. Lets have a look.


One thing about Windows Phone is that the experience is buttery smooth across all hardware, this means although the lowest end hardware such as the 520/525, Windows Phone provide the best experience with lag-less interface and a growing app ecosystem.


We have nothing much to say about this Lumia 525, as it is the basically the same with the 520 only difference is the RAM. The price tag is extremely affordable considering the upgraded hardware and the Windows Phone experience. We would recommend all of you to have a try and maybe share your experience too.

Thanks Yulz26!


One thought on “Review: Nokia LUMIA 525 More Power. More Style. More Fun at Affordable Price!

  1. S’il vous plaît, je veux coder réseau de décodage T.Mobile Nokia Lumia 521, je te jure que je n’ai pas l’argent IMEI 355913050733018

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