Here’s why Microsoft will never shut down their new expanded Mobile division unit




According to Tomi Ahonen the worlds most (in)accurate forecaster, sooner or later Microsoft will shut down their new expanded mobile division unit especially smart devices because of perennial loss maker

So here’s why Microsoft will not kill their new expanded Mobile division

  1. PC Sales declining every quarter. As we can see the PC Sales continues to decline from quarter to quarter mainly due to post PC era people are switching to smart mobile devices like Smartphones,Phablets,Tablets,and wearable devices because they’re more and more powerful (even still not as powerful as PC),more compact/portable,and starts to have same functions as PC. So if Microsoft kills their smartdevices business that has been acquired from Nokia it will be a bad idea
  2. Mobile device is the future. with the decline sales of PC,smart Mobile devices gets more cheaper and cheaper. Microsoft needs to survive in this area by using their Windows and Windows Phone OS and accelerate their services and office division revenue and profits
  3. Console sales slowing down and declining. Not only PC sales are declining the console sales also start declining due post pc era. This another reason that Microsoft needs to survive in mobile devices business by using the Nokia D&S/Expanded mobile unit.
  4. Nokia D&S Acquisitions. After the Nokia Microsoft deal closed the Nokia D&S Team will move to Microsoft to continue their innovations,award winning design,premium quality material and etc. Nokia has been doing great job by bringing more innovations on their mobile devices from low end to high end range. And they give us promise to continues their hardwork to bring more innovations under Microsoft umbrella,with stronger financial backing they will give us more mindblowing innovations so it will be bad idea to killing their mobile unit it also killing their innovations and waste of money for acquiring Nokia D&S division
  5. Windows Phone starts growing. I can see more and more people starts using Windows Phone,People starts considering Windows Phone, More developers making apps on Windows Phone. What makes Windows Phone growth still slow is the lacks of basic features ,lack some popular apps+games, and low marketing campaign. People needs to understand/learn more about Windows Phone OS Windows Phone devices and etc

You can see his clueless statements below.

So what do you think? Let us know by commenting below 🙂


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