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Today Tinder ask to remove 6tindr app on Windows Phone and here’s an openletter from Rudy Huyn

Dear Justin Mateen and Tinder

This afternoon I was contacted by Microsoft via email informing me of your formal request to remove my Windows Phone app, 6tindr, from the Windows Phone Store within the next 24 hours.
Before doing so, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rudy Huyn and I am a Windows Phone Developer. In the past I have brought several quality apps for major social networks to the Windows Phone platform. The apps I’ve provided had been previously missing from the platform – including apps for Vine, Instagram and most recently Snapchat. All of the apps that I have published for these services have been well received and are extremely popular and greatly appreciated by the Windows Phone community.

I am an independent developer yet my apps are highly regarded in the passionate Windows Phone community.I take pride and give great care in developing all of my apps and insure that they are well designed, tested and functional. I and the Windows Phone community feel that the quality of my apps are on par with those from first party providers – and in some cases actually exceed the quality of first party apps. I also make it a point to build an app that showcases the quality of these social networking services.

Two examples of how I’ve done so are:

Instagram has always prided itself on only offering the highest quality of photo filters for their service. I greatly respected their decision to do so and in the development of my Instagram app, 6tag I also chose to only include filters that are in line with the vision of Instagram. I have received many requests from users for more playful filters such as cartoons, negatives and paint filters – yet I have refrained from including them in updates because I respect Instagram as a service and want to adhere to their vision.

Conversely, Snapchat discourages the use of screenshots, and obviously for good reasons. This is why I took all steps possible to prevent screenshots from being taking in my app 6snap. 6snap is the only Snapchat app, official or third party that prevents completely the usage of screenshot functions. I have received many requests to add the screenshot functionality to 6snap, but again due to my great respect for the Snapchat service I have refrained from doing so.

Like with the success of my other apps on the Windows Phone marketplace, I received countless requests to bring a Tinder app to the Windows Phone Platform – which is a testament to the great work you and your team have done. Due to the popular demand and the void I felt that existed, I decided to create 6tindr to for Windows Phone. It is clear by its early success that Windows Phone users are very passionate about your service and for good reason. Unfortunately there wasn’t an avenue for Windows Phone users to access your service, so I feel I have successfully filled that void.

I am aware that another Windows Phone Developer has release all your API calls on Github, and for that I am truly sorry. To be clear I was not involved in that project’s development and 6tindr does not utilize that work. I don’t feel that is how your platform should be treated. I greatly just wanted to make a quality app that is respectable of the fantastic service that you provide your users, like I have done several times before – and thus far 6tindr has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the Windows Phone community.

If you want me to remove 6tindr from the Windows Phone Store I will respect your wishes, however I appeal to you that we work together so we can provide your new Windows Phone users – who are clearly passionate about using your service – with an awesome Tinder experience. I request that you please allow me the pleasure of helping you grow the popularity of Tinder within the Windows Phone community. I feel that together we can do great things for Windows Phone users, and I’d love to assist in any way possible to help bring an official Tinder app to Windows Phone.

I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Rudy Huyn


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