HERE Maps on The Nokia Lumia 2520

Out on the street, HERE Maps on your Nokia Lumia smartphone is what you need for finding pretty much anything. However, the mapping experience on the Nokia Lumia 2520 gets a whole lot bigger.

HERE Maps on the Nokia Lumia 2520 is as glossy and reliable as you’d expect. In many ways it’s just the same as the HERE Maps you’ve all got on your Nokia Lumia smartphone.

What is different though, is that with a larger screen, it’s easy to lose yourself in the digitally mapped world as you try to discover something new.


Of course, typing something into the search box is a good way of finding something specific, but for the adventurous, try taking your search off-piste.

HERE Maps knows what’s around you at any given moment and, if you like, can suggest some places to go based on your current location.

All it takes from you is a little nudge in the right direction by selecting if you want somewhere to eat and drink, go out (think theatre, etc.), shopping, see the sights or find a place to stay for the night. HERE Maps will take care of the rest and present you with a screen that’s accurately dotted with little pins.



Most of the well-known and popular hotspots offer reviews and contacts details as well as photographs of the venue, which look glorious on a large full HD screen.

See somewhere you want to visit? Add it to your own private collections and you’ll automatically see it within HERE Maps on your Nokia Lumia smartphone the next time you’re out and about. And, if you’ve got a car powered by HERE Auto, the collections will be available there, too.

In no time you can build a bank of exciting new places you’re eager to visit, along with some of your old favourites that you’ll know how to get to from anywhere.

While HERE Maps on the Nokia Lumia 2520 works perfectly on its own, using it with another HERE powered device will help you explore much more of the world.

Get out there and explore! and let us know by commenting below

By Nokia Conversations


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