Our 2014 Predictions




Here’s our predictions for 2014

  • Build 2014 Will be the first step for OS unifications like Windows Phone and Windows RT Merge,one Windows Store for 3 Platforms (Windows,Windows RT+Phone,and Xbox) to create the ecosystem richer and better
  • Windows Phone will surpass 6-8% Marketshare (can be higher too if they can make Windows Phone better like bringing more apps,more features since theres a lot of missing features on windows phone,more vendors and better marketing)
  • App Gap for Windows Phone will be closed and its time to improve the apps with more features via updates
  • Microsoft will cuts Windows,Windows RT and Windows Phone and makes a free version of it
  • Windows Phone will support more screen resolutions to compete with 2K resolutions Android devices
  • Windows Phone will support more processors from Qualcomm like Snapdragon 805,410 and others
  • More Improvements and integrations on Microsoft services like Office,Skype,Bing and others for Microsoft Platforms
  • Nokia HERE Location Services will gain more marketshare to boost Nokia revenue+Profits after Nokia D&S Sale to Microsoft
  • NSN will gain more marketshare too and drive Nokia Revenue+ Profits
  • Nokia to announce futuristic wearable devices like Morph,Humanform,Reality SmartGlass,and others with “HERE Platform” on Q3-Q4 2014
  • Asha devices will be more integrated with Nokia and Microsoft services
  • Microsoft to announce 3 new “Lumia” Flagship for 2014 The first one is true Lumia 920 successor with compact 5inch+ screen,true Lumia 1020 successor with compact screen too and more advanced camera,and the last one true Lumia 1520 successor all comes with new Snapdragon processor and Windows Phone 8.1
  • Microsoft also announce new low and mid range Lumia products to boost the sales with Improved Specs and Windows Phone 8.1
  • Microsoft will bring new Lumia devices to 5 Major Carriers in US to boost Windows Phone marketshare
  • More Updates for Windows and Windows Phone after 8.1 update
  • Kinect for Windows Phone integrations on Windows Phone 8.1 Update
  • Cortana will be available to all Microsoft platforms like (Windows 8.x,Windows Phone 8.x,Xbox One) and expanding region limitations from US to more countries
  • Nokia to acquire Alcatel Lucent
  • Nokia to introduce new HERE Maps Features,Experiences,and Improvements
  • Microsoft to announce futuristic devices too with customized Windows Platform

So thats our 2014 Predictions lets see it will becomes true or not 🙂

What do you think about our predictions? Let us know by commenting below

Thanks 🙂


3 thoughts on “Our 2014 Predictions

  1. your wrong about Microsoft stop doing RT. they need ARM tablet, with the apps on store, thus get better and they don’t need desktop on a mobile tablet. killing RT will never happen sorry. That’s most people’s fantasy, in reality is not.

  2. you forgot about Microsoft is also doing wearbales this year. not just Nokia. glasses and a smartwatch and before the more choices the better.

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