Why Nokia Lumia 1520 Better than Samsung Galaxy Note 3




Why the Nokia Lumia 1520 better than Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

  1. Clearblack Display so you can use the phone under direct sunlight
  2. Assertive Display makes your screen looks gorgeous outside room or outside room,day or night too
  3. Better OIS,The Lumia 1520 comes with OIS Improvements which makes it more stable and less shaky
  4. 4 HAAC Mics for better and richer audio quality and experience
  5. 20MP PureView Camera makes you can capture moments even in low light,the camera performance also better than Note 3
  6. Built In Wireless Charging
  7. Dual LED Flash vs Single LED Flash
  8. Innovative Nokia Imaging services makes you can shoot photos and videos like a Pro
  9. Integrated Locations Services with HERE Apps makes you never get lost and explore the cities
  10. RAW DNG Support perfect for photographer
  11. Glance Screen 2.0 so you can put background picture,see notifications and more on the glance screen
  12. Double Tap to wake,a new way to unlock your phone
  13. High Quality Materials/Improved Polycarbonate
  14. High Durability
  15. Supersensitive touch so you can touch your phone with anything
  16. Nokia Mix Radio an impressive and unique music services
  17. Much better battery life
  18. Faster performance even it has lower RAM (2GB vs 3GB)
  19. FM Radio
  20. PureMotion Screen makes everything less blurry
  21. Larger screen makes you can enjoy movies and tv shows at whole new level
  22. Microsoft Services Built In
  23. Windows Phone 8 an unique operating system (now support 6 small tiles for large screen devices)

So thats why Nokia Lumia 1520 better than Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Thanks 🙂



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