Merry Christmas from This Is Nokia Team !




Hyvää joulua! Maligayang Pasko! Feliz Navidad! huc Mung Giang Sinh! Nadolig Llawen! สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาส!  с Рождеством Христовым! wesołych świąt bożego Narodzenia!Fröhliche Weihnachten! God Jul! میری کرسمس! Joyeux Noël! חג מולד שמח! un Crăciun fericit! عيد الميلاد!feliz Natal!  heri la Krismasi! Noeliniz kutlu olsun! selamat natal!

Happy Holidays and Seasons greetings from ThisIsNokia team to our readers! Whatever this time of year means to you, we hope you have a fantastic one 🙂

Dont forget to see this from Nokia on Vine!

Lets have an awesome time with our Nokia devices  😉


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