Why Nokia LUMIA 525 Worth Buying



Few days ago Nokia launched the Nokia Lumia 525 in Hongkong China and everyone seems excited with the new device,Now its time for me to create an article about why Nokia Lumia 525 Worth Buying

  1. Comes with 1GB RAM,With 1GB RAM you can access all the Applications on Windows Phone easily,it also makes the device faster and more efficient
  2. Nokia HERE Locations Services,With Nokia HERE Maps you never get lost and find places more friendly,faster,and detail,With HERE Drive you can drive to your directions easily,it also shows the fastest way,HERE Transit to find public transportations faster and more efficient and other Here Services that makes your life easier,All HERE Locations services can be turned to true offline mode too
  3. Nokia Mix Radio,The Nokia Mix Radio and Mix Radio+ Bring More Access,Features,and all new design its a major update from Nokia Music,with Mix Radio you can find which music suits you,share them on social networks and more,its really takes the music experience to whole new Level
  4. Nokia Imaging Apps,with Nokia Imaging Apps like Nokia Camera you can set focus manually,set white balance,SLR Camera UI,and more features,with Nokia SmartCamera you can shoot actions shot or drama shots easily,Nokia Glam Me perfect app for selfies,Nokia Cinemagraph it makes you can create GIF Shots easier,Nokia Creative Studio makes your shots looks more attractive and proffesional,Nokia Video Director an ultimate video editing applications
  5. Pre installed with Lumia Black Software updates,Like the Lumia 1520 and 1320 the Nokia Lumia 525 also pre installed with Lumia Black so you dont need to updating your phone to Lumia Black anymore,it have more features too
  6. Nokia Beamer with Nokia Beamer you can create presentations wirelessly, or share your phone screen to internet connected devices
  7. Cool design,the Nokia Lumia 525 uses entirely same design as the predecessor Nokia Lumia 520,it uses glossy polycarbonate materials it also comes with new orange colours too. It also very durable
  8. Dual Core processor,on Windows Phone it actually doesnt need quad core or more cores to run fast,its truly efficient,blazing fast performance,no more lags and etc
  9. Micro SD Slot,with Micro SD Card slot (Up to 64GB) you can expand your Lumia 525 Storage to fill it with photos,videos,music and others
  10. High Quality Apps,on Windows Phone the apps quality are much higher than Android and same as iOS Apps,it have lesser ads and good ads placement unlike Android the app placements is not perfect it also irritating too. The Windows Phone also use a unique modern App UI it makes you can feel the whole new experience unlike the other os it almost same interface again and again
  11. Operator Billing Apps or Items,with Operator billing it much easier to pay all the paid apps if you dont have a credit card or dont want to pay it via credit cards

So thats our reasons why Lumia 525 worth buying

Thank you for enjoying our article,feel free to express your opinions below 🙂


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