Why Nokia Lumia 525 Better than Motorola Moto G?


Few hours ago Nokia just launched Lumia 525 an updated version of Nokia Lumia 520 in China to make all the people can afford Windows Phone device with high specs

Now we are going to tell you why Lumia 525 better than Motorola Moto G

  1. Faster performance,we know than Motorola Moto G has Quad Core Processor but it seems not smooth and fast,sometimes it feels laggy but not as poor as Android 4.0/4.1 Devices,The Lumia 525 feels faster and faster than Lumia 520 thanks to upgraded RAM
  2. Better design,the Motorola Moto G design are very bad,it looks like a cheap chinese phone and looks like just another Android phones,meanwhile Nokia Lumia 525 use polycarbonate Glossy looks very bright and elegant to use
  3. Windows Phone Update +Lumia Black with Lumia Black the Windows Phone performance even faster,now you can also use Nokia Camera and other apps,new features like drive mode rotation lock and more
  4. Unique Apps on Windows Phone the app ui are very unique example like Nokia Mix Radio (formerly called Nokia Music) its very creative ui with all new design and suits with the Windows Phone OS
  5. Micro SD Card slot,The Motorola Moto G didnt have Micro SD Card which very deal breaker for emerging markets,you can also replace the battery.change the cover with new colours and more
  6. Never get lost with Nokia HERE Locations services,its more improved,better,user friendly and more it also have better data compared to Google locations services and Nokia here also use true offline and free Maps services
  7. Built in Microsoft Office for better business and work
  8. It will be upgreadable to Windows Phone 8.1 (All WP8 Devices can be updated to 8.1) with more fun,futuristic and basic features that makes Windows Phone will have richer features than ever
  9. Fastest growing Apps and high quality apps,on Windows Phone theres lesser Ads on Applications,and the ads placement are perfect unlike Android the placement seems horrible and it makes the user are not satisfied with their app,better App Payments with Operator billing so its perfect for who dont have credit cards or dont want to pay via credit card
  10. Innovative Nokia Imaging services like Nokia Camera,Glam Me,Creative studio,Smart Camera,Cinemagraph,Story teller,Refocus and others
  11. Nokia Mix Radio Built in! Nokia Mix Radio offers better features and music compared to Google Music,it have better user interface than Google Play Music on Android
  12. Better camera quality thanks to Nokia Camera it makes Lumia 525 have better camera quality than Moto G even without Flash

So thats our reasons why Nokia Lumia 525 better than Motorola Moto G by Google

So What do you think about our article? Let us know below


2 thoughts on “Why Nokia Lumia 525 Better than Motorola Moto G?

  1. Very interesting comparison. Although lumia 525 provides excellent value for money windows phone 8 OS is not yet matured as Android KitKat IMO. Lumia is excellent buy, nonetheless.

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