What @Microsoft Should do with @Nokia Devices & Services Division after the acquisitions?



Yesterday Nokia Shareholders decided to approve the Nokia Microsoft deal! and this what Microsoft should do to Nokia D&S

  1. No more carrier exclusivity,the carrier exclusivity making Windows Phone sales cant grow faster example people wants Lumia 1520 and 1020 on verizon and other us carriers but they cant get it because of the exclusivity,i know people can unlock their phones or buy unlocked phones but they wants to buy that Nokia smartphones on contract,most of them cant leave their carrier because of good networks,care to customers/subscribers and other reasons
  1. Bringing more major improvements on Windows Phone and Windows Faster! a lot of people complaining about the slow development of Microsoft ecosystem especially windows phone,until now Windows Phone still lacks basic features that even Nokia Asha smartphones has that feature,i think Microsoft needs to learn more from Symbian,Android and MeeGo and implement the key features on Windows Phone .Until now Windows Phone still cant multitask properly
  2. Bringing more apps,Microsoft needs to work harder to push developers making their apps on Windows Phone atleast WP and Windows have all most popular apps on both iOS and Android,why need more apps? to make people easier to live with Windows Phone OS
  3. Deeper Integrations to all Microsoft Services and Ecosystem (Also Nokia Services too!)
  4. Improved Office,Office for Windows Phone also still lacks of basic feature,i think they must release paid version of office apps for complete experience
  5. Better Marketing! Whats the point having great software and hardware if they have poor marketing!,because of marketing samsung successful in mobile industry dominating from low end to high end,thats why Microsoft needs to spend more money for marketing and create a great marketing campaign
  6. Better Innovations And Creativity! After the Microsoft deal Nokia D&S will have stronger financial backing to continue their innovations,Until Now Nokia is the leader of imaging,great screen experience even the 360p Screen res Nokia 808 PureView still have better screen compared to 720p Android Phones,they need to focus on optimising things unlike Android manufacturers they just increasing screen size,resolutions,cores,GHZ,battery without bringing better optimisations,great music i think it would be better if Microsoft bringing “XpressMusic” technology back,and more
  7. Removing Silly limitations, Windows Phone still has a lot of silly limitations like Bluetooth,cant view full res Lumia 1020 photos on some apps,and more i think microsoft should remove them to create the users happier


So thats what i can say about what should Microsoft do with Nokia D&S after the acquisitions,if i have more ideas this post will be updated


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