Nokia Goes Slush #Slush2013


Slush, one of the top startup events in the world, is taking place on November 13-14 in Helsinki, Finland.

Slush is an annual conference where entrepreneurs, investors and media come together from around the world, and where deals are made!

The Conversations team will be there to meet
some of the up and coming players in the mobile
industry, and we’ll be sharing some of the event highlights right here on the blog.

Our imaging rockstars, Samuli Hänninen , Nokia’s
vice president of software program management
for Nokia’s Smart Devices business and Sami
Niemi , Nokia’s director of Capture & Relive
software product management, are also on stage,
and they never disappoint… And Nokia Growth
Partners, our growth stage investment arm will
also be there, looking for new companies to
invest in.

The event venue, Cable Factory, is a special place for Nokia. The building once housed Nokia engineers, and was the place where Nokia made its first experiments with mobile communications.

A stroll down memory lane is on the cards, it

#StayTuned at Nokia on Slush 2013 Event! I’m pretty sure that Nokia will attract more attention than other companies at Slush Event!

What do you think? Let us know below!


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