Why Nokia Lumia 1520 Worth Buying


Here’s Why Lumia 1520 worth to buy!

-Great Design,Elegant,and Beautiful

-Comes in 4 colours Yellow (Matte),Black (Matte),White (Matte),Red (Glossy)

-Durable Polycarbonate design

-Gorilla Glass Protection

-20MP Camera with Dual LED Flash


-OIS take a great and stable shot even without tripod

-4 HAAC Mics for better Rich Recording Experience

-RAW DNG Support

-Improved Nokia Camera with Refocus Support

-Clearblack display so you can play/use your phone in direct sunlight

-Supersensitive Touch Screen,so you can use anything to touch your Lumia 1520

-Large Battery Capacity with 3400 mAh compared to another “true” competitors which still below 3400 mAh

-64GB Micro SD Card Support

-Built in Wireless Charging (not for AT&T Version)
-Built in Microsoft Office for
better productivity

-Built in Nokia Services like Imaging Apps,HERE Locations services,Nokia Beamer,Nokia Music,StoryTeller and more

-Blazing Fast Performance! The Lumia 1520 are very fast opening apps and there’s no lag even the Lumia 520 the lowest end WP8 Phone still don’t have any lags like Android Phones

-2GB RAM I think its more than enough on Windows Phone thanks to its efficiency

-6 Inch Screen for great watching movies or videos experience

-Optimised 1080p Screen the Lumia 1520 is the sharpest display on Nokia Smartphones and its not only increasing ppi but also optimise them by Bringing ClearBlack,Supersensitive Touch,PureMotion HD+ Display

-Never get lost with HERE Maps,find interesting places with City Lens,Get directions quickly with HERE Drive+ and true offline mapping services

-Lumia Black Ready

-Less Virus

-PureView Camera so you can take amazing shots in all conditions

So that’s why Lumia 1520 worth to buy and bang for the buck!

So what do you think? Let us know below


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