Nokia ASHA 503 vs Nokia ASHA 311

Today its time for comparison between Nokia ASHA 503 and Nokia ASHA 311

Design: The Nokia Asha 503 comes with Double Shot Polycarbonate and Crystal Clear Material,with new Crystal Clear design it makes Nokia ASHA 503 more beautiful and elegant its even more elegant than iPhone 5S :P,and by the way the Crystal Clear on Asha 503 its will not scratched easily its durable and fits perfectly on your hands

Meanwhile the Asha 311 have plastic and standard design,its a bit uninteresting/boring its too glossy and slippery,it still comfortable to use


The Nokia Asha 503 running on newer version of Nokia Asha Platform which inspired from MeeGo and Symbian,its simply useful and elegant user interface,its much faster and better than S40 on Asha 311,the Asha Platform redesigned the User interface,icons and more its totally improved from S40

With Asha Platform you can do multitasking with Fastlane just swipe it left or right,with Fastlane you can also see newest post,news,and notifications on a single place meanwhile S40 can’t do multitasking and see what’s new on a single place


Nokia Asha 503 comes with 5MP Camera with Flash you can also swipe up from the lock screen to get quick access to the camera applications and share it quickly,Asha 503 provides better camera results than Asha 502 even both of them have 5MP Camera with Flash and much better than Asha 311,in Asha 311 camera results are very horrible,its not sharp,and not natural compared to Asha 503


The Screen resolutions are slightly lower than Asha 311 but it have better viewing angles,both have scratch resistant to make it more durable and less scratches


The Asha 503 comes with newer 1GHZ processor and Asha Platform it gives better performance and lesser lag compared to Asha 311,faster opening applications,better gaming experience and more


The Asha 311 have Nokia Maps and Asha 503 have newer Nokia HERE Maps but what’s the difference? Here maps provides better search results,better map data,improved user interface to make it more easier and simpler to use,HERE Transit Beta also available for Asha Platform phones including Nokia Asha 503


I think Nokia Asha 503 its the true successor of Asha 311,I can see a lot of improvements in Asha 503 and its very competitive with lower end Android smartphones 🙂


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