Whats the difference between Nokia Lumia 929 and Lumia 1520?

last week Nokia just announced 6 new devices including flagship Nokia Lumia 1520 in Nokia World 2013 event but it doesn’t mean they don’t have anything new late this year and one of them is the Nokia Lumia 929,some people are confused to choose 929 or 1520 that’s why we are going to explain which one perfect for you πŸ™‚

Lumia 1520 have 6 inch Full HD Display/1080p and 929 also have Full HD Display the Lumia 1520 have around 370ppi Sharpness and Lumia 929 around 441p Sharpness,both have PureMotion,Supersensitive Touch and Clearblack display


Nokia Lumia 1520 have 16 and 32GB Storage with Expandable memory/Micro SD Card slot meanwhile the Lumia 929 doesn’t have Micro SD Card but it will comes in 32 and 64GB Storage both will have free 7GB SkyDrive Cloud Storage


The Lumia 1520 are combination between Lumia 720,N9,and 925 design with larger screen,it comes with newer polycarbonate material the Lumia 929 have Metal Frame and probably Polycarbonate back to make it lighter and comfortable to use,it have Lumia 928 like design but larger and slimmer bezel,it also slightly thicker than 1520


Both phones are running Lumia Black Software which contains exclusive features from Nokia and Windows Phone Update 3 so we don’t see any significant differences in OS


Both phones have 20MP Camera and Dual LED Flash but Lumia 929 seems have smaller sensor size,both have RAW Files Support and Lytro Style Pictures on the new Nokia Camera

Lumia 1520 will available in early/mid November and Lumia 929 Verizon in late November or Early December,International version of 929 will be available around December 2013/Q4

So which one do you choose? 1520 or 1320?

Let us know below πŸ™‚

*post will be updated as soon as Lumia 929 gone official and provides more details


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