Nokia ASHA 501 Review

In general, the Nokia Asha 501 supports only 2g connectivity, measuring at 99.2 x 58 x 12.1 mm, you’ll know why i call it a ‘mini’ review. It features a 240 x 320 pixels, 3.0 inches of TFT capacitive touchscreen with a multitouch support that is very convenient for zooming pictures in the gallery. With bluetooth 3.0 on you can get fast bluetooth sharing and connectivity. The 3.15 MP camera isn’t a let down, it produces great quality on an affordable feature phone.The buttons on the left side of the phone gives good feedback, not to hard not to soft. The speaker which is hidden on the dot behind the phone produces loud and clear noise. I reallt like how they design it, KUDOS! But what differentiate the Asha with others is the bright STRIKING colour, yup you’ll get to choose between Red, Green, Cyan, Yellow, White and Black. But i settled with both red and yellow. The phone by surprisingly manage to work very smoothly with only 64MB of RAM, yup sixty-four.
Moving over to the new and improved Asha S40 OS.
The Asha 501 borrows the some UI from the legendary Nokia N9, that’s right SWIPE all the way. Let start form the lockscreen. from here you’ll see the clock or should i say the Glance Screen. It shows you the clock and some notification like messages or missed calls you had. To unlock the phone, all you need is swipe from the left or right side of the phone to another side. After you unlock the phone you’ll be greeted with two homescreens accessible with a swipe to the right or the left. The first one is called the ‘Fastlane’, its basically a list of all recent opened app and notifications such as downloading, downloaded app and some text and calls notification as well. On the ‘Fastlane’ there is an easy sharing feature integrated on the ‘What’s on your mind’ section in the ‘Fastlane’ itself. But to use this feature you’ll have to log in into your preferred social network on the account section in the app list. The second one as an app list with a squircle icon just like how you’ll find on Nokia Belle and Nokia MeeGo Harmattan. If you opened an app you can exit it by simple swipe just like how you unlock the phone or you can use the dedicate hardware back button located on the middle below of the phone. If you want rearrange the icon or app, you can do that also by simply long hold on one of the icon/app. With the new Asha software platform 1.0, Nokia has provide the phone with push notification API. From this, any notification from my app such as Facebook, Twitter or wechat will be shown on the lockscreen. This really saves my time from opening the app on the app list. as the rest of the asha, i really like the bluetooth. It also features some great and unique NFC like sharing between asha called share via SLAM. Just switch both of the supported device together and slam when you are about to send it. I find this very useful as i have not one but two! Asha 501. So transferring music of pictures made easy with SLAM.
To The Connectivity!!! (to the bat mobile style)
As mentioned, the Nokia Asha features only 2G connectivity but fear not, Nokia has done some magic with the Asha 501. Introducing the Nokia Xpress Browser. It compresses the data  webpages up to 90%. not only you get fast rendering but also you get more on your strict internet plan. WiFi is also supported. You can stream on WiFi. One of the best thing is that you can change the connectivity with a swipe down menu. From there you can see both of you sim status, your WiFi, your bluetooth and also you can easily switch to silent mode.
Go Go Go Multimedia.
Just like i said the Asha only features a fixed focus 3.15 MP of camera but again it isn’t a letdown on a phone with this kind of price tag. On the camera settings, you’ll get a very basic setting such as timer, white balance and some effect. A pic taken can be instantly shared on the gallery, very easy. Video recorded is ok, it recorded a video at 240p resolution around 15 frame per second. To the music player, the music player is something i should give a complement. It is very easy to use and very easy to navigate with a search bar on the top of the music list. On the music played section, there’s a rather smart menus hidden accessible within a swipe from the bottom. There you’ll see a star meaning to add the music you’re listening to favourite, a shuffle, a repeat and a sharing to social network option, NEAT! Video playing too has this amazing features, just swipe up from a landscape view and there’s a view details, add to favourites, share and delete options.
The Nokia Asha 501 is a great device to anyone who wants to have it as their second mobile or just wants some high end feature without burning their pockets. It have a good call quality, a far good battery with a long lifespan of standby and it’s fun to use. I would also recommend it to students as it have some good apps such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wechat and some other stuff. It also saves money because of the 2G connectivity and up to 90% compression.
So what do you think? Let us know below 🙂
Thanks Amirul for contributing to our article

7 thoughts on “Nokia ASHA 501 Review

  1. Please, there’s alot of things missing from the Asha 501; no copy and paste, I can’t turn off my camera shutter sound, I can’t rename and photo in my gallery, I can’t mark and send either pictures or music, no downloadable HD games, even common “Angry Birds” and “Temple Run” isn’t supported, the gallery must always take a second to buffer pictures, that’s bad quality, finally, NO WHATSAPP. When will the UPGRADE be available and will it make these this better?

  2. To be frank, ‘buying asha 501 = waste of money’.
    Bcz i already have this device, it doesn’t support whats app, line call facility and many other apps.
    So android is the best way to have fun with mobile.
    Micromax, and Samsung low end smartphones are better than this ‘Useless Nokia asha 501 ‘

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