#LumiaGuide! Nokia Lumia 720 or Nokia Lumia 625?


A lot of people confused what should they buy/choose Nokia Lumia 625 or Nokia Lumia 720
But don’t be panic we have the solutions 🙂
Why Lumia 720 over Lumia 625?
-Clearblack Display
-Sharper screen
-Elegant design
-Wireless Charging (via Cover)
-Slightly slimmer and lighter
-Compass (for HERE City lens)
-Glance Screen
-Better front and back camera
-Rich Recording powered by Dolby

Why Lumia 625 over Lumia 720?
-Larger Screen
-Newer version of polycarbonate material
-Slightly better talktime
-Double Tap To Unlock
-Easier to change cover
-60hz refresh rate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -and also HERE Drive+ on 625

What’s the identical?
-Both runs Windows Phone 8
-Both have same 2000 mAh battery
-Both have same Gorilla Glass 2
-Both have same single LED Flash
-Both have same specs
-Both have Micro SD/Expandable memories and 512MB RAM
-Both have Supersensitive Touch
-Both have 480X800 Resolution

Conclusion: Nokia Lumia 720 are perfect for those who wants more compact phone,better design,better camera (it almost as same as Lumia 920 just minus OIS),it have great sunlight readability,better viewing angles and great for recording live gigs/performance

Meanwhile the Lumia 625 perfect for those who wants a large screen so everyone can watch the screen easier,it have 4G (for some countries) for better connection,it can change cover easily,with the large screen you can watch movies,music video,tv shows easier your friends or family can watch together too

So which one you prefer? Let us know below

Thank You 🙂


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