Petition! @Microsoft & @Nokia: Release updates to @WindowsPhone on your own, not through the carrier!





More details about this petition

Windows phones are slowly growing in the market. There are many things holding back customers from switching over to the a windows phone, mainly a lack of apps that people find to be crucial. Nokia and Windows are doing a good job releasing update improvements to their phones. Carriers like AT&T are delaying the updates, for over a month,  while removing apps created by Windows / Nokia to help us customers. AT&T has removed Datasense app from the lumia 1020 and is removing it from the Lumia 920 update. It is a great app for people trying to control their data usage limits, yet AT&T has removed it making people’s decision to switch to windows even less likely than previously. For this and many more reasons we ask that Microsoft take control of the update to bring all the features to every owner and future owner to have us continue using windows phones and not switching to competitor smartphone companies.

SIGN The petition NOW!


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