Random new (yet false) claims from Tomi Ahonen

Tomi Ahonen False Claims!

Dominies Communicate

Yesterday I promised to show you new stuff from Tomi Ahonen. Here it comes:

Lumia 800, was originally a MeeGo handset, intended to be the lower-priced model where the N9 was the flagship.

This is just weird. Lumia 800 is – if we choose to believe Story of Nokia MeeGo – based on a variant of N9, aimed for CDMA networks. The main target was naturally Verizon, but other possible carriers would have been Sprint and China Telecom, same operator that carried Lumia 800C, the CDMA variant. It was supposed to be identical twin for identical price. At no point in no text has there been ANY “lower priced model” of N9 (save for Meltemi which was totally different OS). Even though Nokia has never gone public about it, all leaks and insider stories are fully aligned: MeeGo devices were: N9-00 (cancelled but as production line existed, shared to…

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