Nokia Under Stephen Elop Leadership (The Good and The Bad)




Today we are explaining Nokia Under Stephen A Elop Leadership


  • Making Nokia Arrogancy gone by building a phone faster than 1GHZ Processor,then dual core and now Quad core
  • Building a large screened phone
  • Making the feature phone sales stable (even it falls but its better than their own forecast (30-40M)
  • People are more satisfied with Nokia and it jumps higher and higher every quarter compared with Nokia and Symbian era
  • Building high quality products on low end devices like Lumia 520,Asha 501,Nokia 108 and others
  • The high end smartphone screen resolutions jumps from 360p on Symbian Era to 720p/768p and 1080P on Windows Phone era
  • Removing Symbian,Symbian is a good os but lacks of improvements and hangs a lot when S60 and Symbian^3 announced,its destroy Nokia reputations,it also have a lot of malwares even symbian doesnt exist right now but its still no 2 os after android that have alot of malwares and viruses,Nokia tried to fix some things on Symbian by releasing Anna,Belle,Belle FP1 and Belle FP2 But too late
  • Removing MeeGo,same like Symbian Meego also a good and simplistic OS but Nokia needs to kill it because Intel reportedly doesnt take Meego seriously,causing problems on future MeeGo Devices like battery draining,full of bugs and etc
  • Partnership with Microsoft and Microsoft paying almost all Nokia Lumia Ads and Events
  • Improve the marketing
  • Elop is a good speaker (not the best but good ) and he can speak english very well
  • Nokia executing a lot of stuff and innovations faster like bringing OIS to Lumia 920,Oversampling,Lossless zoom on Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020,and theres a lot of Nokia futuristic devices to unveil in 2014 (maybe it will be Microsoft products but both have same vision on futuristic devices,platform and services)
  • Smartphone marketshare sees growth (and stabilize) everywhere and people start recommending Lumias to everyone
  • Nokia is on top 9 Greenest Brand on earth
  • High end experience on lower end devices
  • Bringing simple meego swipe UI on Asha devices like 501



  • Stephen Elop announces burning platform for Symbian and MeeGo when Nokia Searay (Lumia 800) and Sabre (Lumia 710) not 100% completed and ready to launch
  • Windows Phone 7 cant be updated to 8.0 it killing Nokia sales for a while and making people worried to buy WP8 Lumias but they started to understand than wp8 can be updated to 8.1 and 9.0
  • Windows Phone still lacks of basic features like rotation lock (fixed in GDR 3) Closing apps by pressing X (Fixed in GDR3) FM Transmitter,Good multitasking with no more “resuming”,separate volume,integrated with stylus,newer processor (fixed in GDR 3/WP8.1),cant send videos,update phone and large apps should be on Wifi,and some silly limitations,file manager is important for  android and symbian user for switching to Lumias,no HDMI and USB on the go (theres a wireless solutions like Nokia Photobeamer but its not enough for a lot of people,cant attach and downloads files on emails,whatsapp and other app
  • Windows Phone still have some bugs that need to fix like random rebooting issue (probably fixed in GDR2/Amber?),Purple screen on camera ui (the stock one) on Lumia 620 (but it just small amount of people who experiencing that),freezes
  • The Nokia Smartphones Worldwide marketshare still around 4-5% and not on top 5 biggest smartphone makers
  • The Nokia Marketing still not good enough like the example of introducing Lumia 1020 it only shows pro camera even theres OIS,Clearblack,PureMotion,Wireless Charging,and others features,even we dont like samsung but we like how they showing off all their features in ads and introductions video

So thats our article i hope all of you enjoying it,if you have something to add or correcting some stuff let us know by commenting below




3 thoughts on “Nokia Under Stephen Elop Leadership (The Good and The Bad)

  1. Hi man! Great work on your site!
    Just one question, do you know if Nokia will release an unpdate for the Nokia Lumia 1020 because of the noise “problems” and too much saturation and sharpness?!?
    Would be great, coz I can’t wait for this, coz with these update the NL 1020 will be perfect!!
    Can’t imagine that they are happy with these “problems” and will leave these as they are, right? Big thanks, cu, cheers

    • Thank you verry much for supporting us,I think there will be more improvements on camera since Nokia will be an ms division we think it will be easier to update it

      Btw you can send us some pictures from Your 808 or 1020

      🙂 for more improvements you can ask directly on head of imaging Juha Alakarhu @jalakarhu on twitter

      Hope it will help you

  2. Thanks! Answer-tweet from Juha Alakarhu: “Thanks for the feedback! Noted! We are continously improving the image quality.”
    So that sounds good to me, coz now the 808 wins but then I’m sure that will change 😉 Have a nice weekend!

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