Why Nokia Microsoft Deal Is A Good Idea?




Today we are explaining why Nokia Microsoft deal is a good idea

  1. Microsoft have a strong financial positions
  2. With Microsoft Money/Financial Nokia Mobile Devices (SmartPhone and Feature Phone) unit can innovate faster
  3. Nokia (Microsoft) Feature Phone and Smartphone Division can get a large marketing campaign
  4. Ramp up the productions faster without sacrificing quality
  5. Nokia People who transferred to Microsoft can improve Microsoft OS like Windows and Windows Phone better,more unique,richer features
  6. Bringing more Microsoft services to ASHA lineup 
  7. Can hiring a lot of talented people
  8. Can easily paid all talented people in Nokia division on Microsoft like Imaging Team,Sales and Marketing and others
  9. Perfect for long term conditions

So thats why we think Nokia and Microsoft deal is a good idea

What about you? you can try commenting below to express your own opinions



3 thoughts on “Why Nokia Microsoft Deal Is A Good Idea?

  1. but i think nokia is losing its identity. the asha os being the top in negative fame. the asha phones were supposed to cover upto s40 series, but they cant copeup up with user demand by missing even the basic feature till now. the previous low cost symbian like c5 were upto the mark. but they were taken away only to promote win n asha phones. i hoped i could have a c5-05 in exchange of my asha 501

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