Why Nokia Lumia 1020 Better than Apple iPhone 5S


iPhone 5S>Lumia1020

Yesterday we are giving the reasons Why Nokia Lumia 920 Better than iPhone 5C and now its time for giving reasons why Nokia Lumia 1020 better than iPhone 5S

  1. 41MP Camera
  2. Optical Image Stabilisation^2
  3. 6 Element Lens vs 5 Element Lens on the iPhone 5S
  4. Sharper screen 326ppi vs 334 ppi on the Nokia Lumia 1020
  5. Better viewing angles
  6. Amazing sunlight readibility thanks to Clearblack Display
  7. Xenon Flash and LED Flash
  8. Improved Rich Recording capabilities with Dolby Technology
  9. Wireless Charging (Optional)
  10. HERE Locations services
  11. ZEISS Optics
  12. Oversampling technology
  13. Lossless Zoom
  14. PureMotion HD+
  15. Zirconium Buttons
  16. Newer and improved PureView technology
  17. NFC
  18. Nokia Imaging Apps
  19. Lesser price in off contract and cheaper than 32GB iPhone 5S On contract
  20. A newer and improved Polycarbonate materials

So thats our reasons why Lumia 1020 better than iPhone 5S

Thanks for enjoying our article 🙂


4 thoughts on “Why Nokia Lumia 1020 Better than Apple iPhone 5S

  1. Good points. The Nokia Lumia 1020 provides so much more than the generic iPhone 5S. What a camera, 41MP and with all the additional features also the accesories you can get to make it have the camera hand hold and wireless charging. What’s not to like. Yes it may not appear as cool as the iPhone by name but it is unique and the Microsoft Windows 8 Phone Operating System is getting better with each release and apps are arriving think and fast. Won’t be long until Nokia are challenging with the big boys again with Microsofts future ownership.

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