Nokia Lumia 1020 Heading to Verizon with Red Version too?




A new report claimed that Nokia Lumia 1020 coming to verizon with the red colour version (red colour will be available on AT&T Too) actually i ever heard this kind of rumors on NPU but he said hes not an NPU Anonymous source,he claimed as an insider from Nokia


Red 1020 For AT&T

Red 1020 For AT&T


We ever see red 1020 in mass production before Lumia 1020 announcements,probably Nokia wants to create a lot of red 1020 so when red 1020 hit those carriers Nokia can selling a lot of 1020 without any supply issue

The source said the Lumia 1020 will start selling on Verizon before the Phablet/Lumia 1520

It looks like Nokia wants people/consumers to choose an mindblowing camera phone or mind blowing specifications,large screen,and higher resolution screen


Thats the leaked red Lumia 1020 in mass production

He said the 1020 for verizon probably running Bittersweet Shimmer/GDR3 out the box but still not carrying 1080p screen and it have smae specs like Lumia 1020 Global and AT&T

So what do you think?

We cant guarantee all these info are 100% correct but we hope this reports are real so Verizon consumers can experience how good is Lumia 1020

If you have something to say you can commenting below

Thanks 🙂


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