Why @Nokia should bring 32GB version of #Lumia925 to another markets/carriers


Nokia Lumia 925 Its an amazing smartphone with Aluminium body and an all new design

So heres why Nokia should bring Lumia 925 to another markets/carriers

  1. Some people cant afford Nokia Lumia 1020
  2. They want to upgrade from their 920 to 925 but 925 just comes with 16GB of Memory
  3. They want a fresh design for their next phone but the 1020 still have same design with 920 + hump
  4. Nokia Lumia 925 provides a much slimmer design and lighter but again the 16GB of memory makes Lumia 920 users think twice or more
  5. Nokia Lumia 925 provides sharper picture in both daylight and low light compared to 920

So thats our reason why Nokia should bring L925 to another markets/carriers


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