Tomi Ahonen said Indonesians hates Windows Phone


Tomi Ahonen just tweeted about Indonesians hate Windows Phone which are very incorrect!

I have a lot of friends from Indonesia and theyre very satisfied with their Windows Phone most of them buys 520 for trying a Windows Phone if theyre satisfied they will upgrading to a higher end Lumias like Lumia 620-1020

There are so many Asha users upgrading to Windows Phone too,its more than thousands! and they are recommending Lumia families to their friends and families which can create Windows Phone marketshare higher and higher every quarter

People also love to use Nokia HERE City Lens App based on Augmented Reality system which Tomi Said its the 8th Mass Medium

Tomi also said XL didnt like Windows Phone,if XL hates Windows Phone why so many my friends from Indonesia said they saw a lot of Windows Phone ads in Indonesia

XL Axiata is not The largest carrier in Indonesia i think its number 2-3 largest carrier in Indonesia

And my questions is why Tomi Ahonen do not talk about Windows Phone/Interviewing to all carrier in Indonesia? Indonesia have a lot of Carrier like Telkomesel,indosat,XL Axiata,Three and others

And theres no video/recording if an XL Axiata Executive/Employee said Indonesians hates Windows Phone or maybe Tomi Ahonen forced an XL Axiata Exec/Employee to say Indonesians hates Windows Phone

So i think Tomi is no longer credible because theres no proof or evidence about it

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