Tomi Ahonen Failed Again (for the 3rd times!!!)



Tomi Ahonen Failed to predict something again

This what Tomi Ahonen said on Twitter on 26 February 2013

“Definitely, Windows Phone is dead. Blackberry 10 is still alive, likely in a few years BB10 is left and WP8/9 is gone”

“@colmsmyth @jimboireland so would you like to make some Twitter-bet, Colm, that Windows Phone will never pass BB10 in annual market share?”

But sadly BlackBerry just announced the sale of the company,and Tizen probably delayed again,Sailfish will focusing on Finland and China markets

According to latest report over 8.7M Windows Phone 8 sold its higher than BlackBerry 10 smartphones sold (around 2.9M in BlackBerry latest quaterly result and 3.9M of them which more than 50 % are BlackBerry 7 and older)

Tomi said Nokia will be dead any day but until now Nokia still there the loss getting lower and lower,Lumia sales get higher and Higher every quarter

According to latest report Windows Phone have more than 4%-5% Marketshare in Q2 2013

Nokia doesn’t sell Lumia 520 at loss Lumia 520 still popular and makes their competitor samsung and those chinese brand confused because Lumia 520 are very affordable and soon it will have Dual Sim version,the momentum isn’t going down after 5 months,it still top 3 best seller on India,China,Indonesia,and others

Lumia 620 sales still stable and Lumia 625 will makes Lumia sales higher because of large screen,beautiful design,long battery life,and 4G LTE on an affordable price

And until now Tomi Ahonen still not responding to it as usual Tomi Ahonen are very scared if people start waking up from his Brainwashing system

Tomi Ahonen really makes people in Finland feel embarrassed

And those Symbian and Jolla fanboy like Jukka Aaltonen who retweeting his tweet feels unhappy because they just wanted Nokia to die because Nokia shutting down meego and Symbian but failed , until Now Nokia still survived,the stock price getting higher,Nokia Solutions and Network (formerly Nokia Siemens Network) start showing huge growth quarter by quarter and just announced Q2 Profit too


2 thoughts on “Tomi Ahonen Failed Again (for the 3rd times!!!)

  1. I am fully with you here, as I have been following Tomi for a while now. The thing is Tomi can’t go back at a certain moment and as a ‘industry specialist’ admitting you are wrong is never easy, but the longer he waits the larger the damage to his credibility.

  2. I work in the IT and I have never seen a single BB10 job vacancy around (BB7 programmers don’t usually transition to BB10, different languages). Windows Phone job vacancies aren’t many yet but they’re there and .NET jobs and programmers are aplenty so it wouldn’t be difficult to transition. Telcos and banks already have apps for WP here, and I suppose these are all signs of future prosperity for WP. These higher ups in the IT, telcos, etc are so cheap they wouldn’t bother entering WP playground if they didn’t see a future in WP.

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