Nokia Tablet,the first tablet running on Windows 8.1?



A new report from Neowin pointed that Windows 8.1 will available on early/mid October 2013

Meanwhile Nokia ready to hold an event in late september which are very close with final Windows 8.1 release

Some sources also reported the same

According to multiple sources,Nokia Tablet can be the first tablet running on Windows 8.1 and priced aggressively to eat Android Tablets and iPad marketshare,new reports also said Nokia Tablet is coming to AT&T and maybe Verizon wireless to attract more consumers in united states

Nokia Tablet will get big and disruptive campaign to make Nokia Tablet and Windows 8.1 successful together with Lumia1020 nokia wants to create a stronger campaign everywhere and create some noise to attract consumers

So what do you think? Let us know by commenting below

Thanks 🙂


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