Why @Nokia @Selop @trytila should promote their other Innovations beside Camera?

I think Nokia is too much promoting their camera,camera and camera it makes people think Nokia doesn’t have other innovations beside camera!

Nokia Have PureMotionHD+,Clearblack Display,amazing futuristic devices and etc but they RARELY Promoting THEM!,how people can understand Nokia have more innovations beside Camera?Look at Samsung,Sony and others they promoting their technology even many of them copied from Nokia! And easily says its their own innovations! And people easily believe in them!

I wish they can promoting their other innovations beside camera,to make people understand what makes Nokia different than other manufacturers and understand that is a Nokia innovations,So no one will claiming some Nokia innovations as their own innovations like what Samsung,Sony,Acer and others did !

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One thought on “Why @Nokia @Selop @trytila should promote their other Innovations beside Camera?

  1. Isn’t that another reason why Nokia and Microsoft are such a pair? Microsoft has bazillions of products, but they hardly promote anything. For instance the Windows Defender, it’s such an unnamed unpromoted security product compared to Norton xyz that many Windows users don’t even know it exists and just replace it with, again, Norton xyz.

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