Nokia N9 the legendary Smartphone

Nokia N9 is a Legendary smartphone,its the first Smartphone to have buttonless front and swipe ui

Swipe UI has been copied by Jolla Sailfish,BlackBerry 10,Ubuntu Touch and maybe Tizen

With Swipe UI we can swipe left or right to see notifications,home screen,and running apps

Its a simple and elegant to interact with User Interface

With MeeGo harmattan UI it have a chubby icons which inspires many Android launcher,and iOS 7

Then Nokia continuing to improve MeeGo style design in Asha Platform

With Asha Platform it continues Nokia N9 design ui,and comes with more improvements to create it more friendly and easier to use

The double tap to unlock inspires so many OS and now it started becoming a standard in Smartphone OS

Nokia N9 design inspires Nokia to continue and improving the design on Nokia Lumia series and soon (according to report) Nokia and Microsoft will combine Swipe UI with Metro/Modern UI

Nokia N9 design are very hard to be forgotten because its beautiful,simple,elegant,and durable,only Nokia itself can beat Nokia N9 design the other manufactures just can copy again and again

So that’s why Nokia N9 is a legendary device it also the first and the last truly MeeGo device ever

Thanks for enjoying our article 🙂


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