Why @Nokia needs to sell more than 15M Lumias in Q3 2013?

So here’s why Nokia needs to sell more than 15 Million Lumias in Q3 2013
-Nokia can gain more marketshare in Smartphone around 4-6%
-Windows Phone also can gain more marketshare around 5-7%
-Easier to see Lumia users around you and together you and other Lumia users can create a community in your country/city
-Nokia at least can be number 3 or 4 biggest Smartphone vendor/manufacturers
-Many retail stores start promoting Lumia and it will attracts more people to buy a Lumia or upgrading their Lumia as example from Lumia 520 to 720,720 to 920 and etc
-more carriers start supporting Windows Phone and attract more consumers and maybe developers
-Both Nokia and Microsoft can gain/attract more developers to create apps on Windows Phone platform
-makes the developers happy and updating their app with a complete feature so it makes Android and iOS users easier for Switching to Windows Phone platform/Lumia lineup
-When the users are very satisfied they can upgrading to newer/higher end Windows Phone and also recommending to their families,friends,and another people
-Windows Phone will truly the 3rd largest ecosystem and blackberry can’t catching up
-Nokia Annual 2013 Smartphone sales will higher than 2012 (if Nokia can sell another 15M/20M in Q4 2013)
-Transition from Symbian to Windows Phone can be completed
-Many famous people will start using Windows Phone and leaving Apple ecosystem as soon as there are so many apps,high Quality apps,and interesting/creative apps on Windows Phone store
-Total Windows Phone devices sales will jump from around 10M to 20-23M (if Nokia still have more than/around 80% Marketshare on Windows Phone platform)

So that’s our little analysis about why Nokia needs to sell more than 15M Lumias in Q3 2013

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2 thoughts on “Why @Nokia needs to sell more than 15M Lumias in Q3 2013?

    • I know its a bit impossible but they need to sell more than 12/15M smartphones to back in profit,to kill tomi ahonen predictions,to be at least no 3 or 4 in biggest smartphone manufacturers,I think they should fix those slowness bringing new phones to markets and ramp up the productions

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