Nokia Lumia 520 vs Samsung Galaxy Fame

Design: The Nokia Lumia 520 comes with colourful polycarbonate material which are very durable and elegant looking

The Samsung Galaxy Fame use same cheap plastic and same design like Samsung Galaxy S3/S4,it just have a smaller screen size and lower specifications,the Samsung Galaxy Fame isn’t as durable as polycarbonate material on Nokia Lumia 520

Performance: Nokia Lumia 520 comes with Dual Core Snapdragon S4 Processor with Adreno 305 GPU,the performance are very stable,smooth and fast

Meanwhile Samsung Galaxy Fame use Single core processor it looks very laggy and painful to use,unstable performance and there’s a lag even on the home screen

User Interface: Nokia Lumia 520 still using same Modern UI design but its unique,simple,and elegant user interface,it makes us keep updated with latest informations and news right on the start screen

Samsung Galaxy Fame using same Touchwiz UI its very boring and horrible it looks like a ginger bread ui for me
When we start opening gallery we must wait 5-10 seconds to see all pictures on gallery

Camera: Lumia 520 have 5MP camera without flash but it still create amazing and sharp images even in Low Light

Galaxy Fame using same 5MP camera with flash but the result is Lumia 520 still produce a better result and sharper images but still natural

Display/Screen: Nokia Lumia 520 using IPS screen to create a better display than it predecessor Lumia 510,it have super sensitive touch technology with super sensitive touch you can touch the phone/using the phone with anything

Meanwhile Samsung Galaxy Fame have an horrible display and over saturated,it doesn’t have Super Sensitive touch too

Colours: Nokia Lumia 520 comes with 6 colours and removable battery
Galaxy fame comes with 2-3 colours and removable battery to

Maps&Navigations: both have different Maps System,the Lumia 520 have Nokia HERE Locations Services
HERE Maps for finding locations
HERE Drive for turn by turn navigations
HERE Transit for finding public transportation near you

Galaxy Fame use Google Maps with unattractive User interface and not friendly,its not easy to use and not truly offline mapping meanwhile Nokia HERE can do that,even on 4G or Wifi connections its very slow to pinpoint our location

Apps: Nokia lumia 520 have so many useful app even their apps catalogues not as many as Google Play Store,but the Apps growing faster from 3.000 App now its more than 175.000 App and it keep growing everyday with new apps and games,Windows Phone have a better application quality than Google Play Store

Social Networking: both of them have Facebook and Twitter for social networking but the difference is facebook,twitter and other social networking app on Windows Phone have lesser advertisements compared to Facebook and other social networking app on Google Play Store

In Google Play Store you can find official Instagram app but don’t worry you can use Instance or 6tagram App,Vine,Flipboard,and Path will hit Windows Phone store soon

So that’s our comparison between Samsung Galaxy Fame and Nokia Lumia 520

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