Why you should buy @TheIsBook?

Few days ago the legendary Patrick Hamilton Walsh released his new book called Life Is and Sold out in the first day! (Now its been restocked at Amazon online)

The is Book contains a lot of pictures taken by a Nokia smartphone since 2007 until 2013,most of them are from is: nothing but a nokia group on Facebook,everyday there are so many new amazing pictures mostly by Lukas Edwin/Lukas Oh,Mohamed Salih,Richard Dorman,Abdul Rehman,Czarek Dziadurski ,Jad Termsani,Swarup Furia,Patrick Hamilton Walsh,and others

They always share some amazing pictures everyday and impress us as a Nokian

With this book and is nothing but a Nokia ,i hope we can connecting all Nokian around the world to share their photography and telling stories about their Nokia journey

Thanks for enjoying our post and latest news,you can express you opinions and follow our blog for latest news

Thanks 🙂


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