People in Emerging markets are very excited about @Nokia Lumia Dual Sim!

People in emerging market like India,Indonesia,Malaysia,China,and others are waiting for the new Nokia Lumia with Dual Sim and Easy Swap technology,almost everyday people in Emerging markets commenting at our blog and really waiting and looking forward about the Dual Sim Nokia Lumia

Few Months ago Jo Harlow the head of Smartphone team hinting about Dual Sim functions on future Lumias!

People in emerging markets not only wants Dual Sim for low end and mid end Lumias but also high end Lumias like 920,925,1020

The samsung Duos line has been successful in emerging markets alongside with Nokia Asha

With Dual Sim Lumia we believe Nokia and Microsoft can gain more and more marketshare in emerging markets

Nokia should release a Dual Sim version for all Lumia with Windows Phone 8 smartphones! If they wants to add more subscribers on Windows Phone platform and Nokia Lumia Smartphones!

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