Nokia Lumia/Windows Phone start outselling iOS devices in Indonesia

According to IDC/Gartner report few months ago,Nokia Lumia/Windows Phone will outsell iOS devices in 2013/early 2014
The reports showing Windows Phone will hold 9-10% Marketshare in Indonesia market,meanwhile Apple iOS devices just 4-5%
Windows Phone is the fastest growing operating system,and some people started to see Nokia Lumia user in Indonesia,Huawei and HTC are the closest Nokia Lumia Competitor in Indonesian markets because they starting to promote their Windows Phone in public places
The Nokia Lumia community also growing,ev Nokia Lumia Community/Windows Phone community on facebook have 10+ new members everyday (facebook groups)

People in Indonesia are very satisfied with Nokia Lumia/Windows Phone,they looks more satisfied than Samsung,Huawei,ZTE,Lenovo,Sony and others

Well its a good news both for Nokia and Microsoft,but they need to improve the OS faster and bringing those popular apps on a Windows Phone platform


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